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Journal moments

By Erika Frommer (USA).

I've been living in Ollantaytambo volunteering at MySmallHelp Peru for a little over a month now. Before moving to the volunteer house I saw the Facebook posts about the work MSH Peru is doing and was excited to be joining a team I could tell is active in the lives of their beneficiaries. 

My first week at MSH Peruwas definitely a whirlwind and gave me a glimpse of what's to come in my 3 months here. To put it simply, we work a lot. Most days are long and some of the visits can be taxing, but our objective is to serve our beneficiaries and truthfully I think that's what makes this all worth it. All of the volunteers come from all corners of the globe and are here for a finite period of time. In that time, not only do we get to help people but we all end up inadvertently learning about ourselves and different cultures. We meet new people from all walks of life and I imagine we all come out of here a little more humble and appreciative for what we have.…

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